About Us

Hi! My name is Emily - the founder of Camine Dog Gear in Vancouver, BC, Canada!

My shop and products were inspired by my dog, Bella, a golden retriever, who struggles with mild reactivity. She often pulled me during reactions or excitement, and despite the uncomfortable and frustrating jerks, I did not want to resort to using aversive tools to prevent it.

In the summer of 2022, I tried using bungee leashes for the first time and fell in love with how they were able to absorb the shock when Bella pulled to the end of the leash. Walks felt much less frustrating for the both of us, and surprisingly, it suddenly felt easier to train loose leash walking because she naturally understood to slow down once she felt the tension from the leash! It was a game changer for us, and I was thrilled that there was a non-aversive tool that actually helped with leash pulling - a common problem for many dog owners. There were just a few flaws with the bungees that I wasn't happy with.

I tried many bungee leashes and attachments before, and all of them stretched so easily that I could still feel the shock if Bella pulled to the end. They also lost elasticity quickly after a few hard pulls, and it did not feel worth it to keep replacing them. Some of them also stretched too much that I did not have safe control over Bella when I needed it. For example, there were times when she lunged towards a barking dog across the street, and the bungee leash stretched so much that she was able to step off the sidewalk, which could potentially have been dangerous had a car been driving by. This was a major safety concern as I realized I did not have safe control in emergency situations.

At the time, I had also started using Biothane leashes. I loved how they came in stylish colors, were waterproof and so easy to wash. I also loved using long lines to give Bella more freedom to sniff. Sadly, this meant I had to give up the bungee function to use these leashes... and that's when this idea hit me!

I wanted to create a high quality, heavy-duty bungee leash attachment that could convert any leash into a bungee leash, while also being strong enough to withstand pulls and jerks from strong medium to large sized dogs. My goal was to create quality products that could help all dog owners feel more comfortable and safe during walks and training sessions, as I understood firsthand the challenges of handling a reactive dog, and the frustrations and discomfort that can arise during walks.

To ensure the utmost quality and functionality, I then spent the next 8 months designing, testing, and improving my bungee leash attachment. Every feature added onto our first bungee leash attachment was designed with the dog's safety in mind, from the handle positioning, reflective stitching, hardware quality, to the customizable text patches. I personally used it almost daily with my 50 lb golden retriever and found that it consistently and effectively enhanced the comfort of our walks and hikes, reduced pulling safely, and was strong enough to withstand strong pulls from Bella without losing elasticity! Additionally, the bungee attachment was tested and approved for effectiveness, durability, and overall performance by fear and force-free certified dog trainers, dog walkers, and regular dog owners with dogs ranging from 40-100 lbs!

Since then, we have had many dog owners who have already given feedback and shared how our bungee attachment has made a difference in their walks, runs, or hikes. As cheesy as it sounds, it fills my heart to know that my product is making a positive difference for dog owners and dogs!