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Multifunctional Bungee Leash Attachment

Multifunctional Bungee Leash Attachment

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Transform your walks with this heavy-duty multifunctional bungee leash attachment!

This leash add-on was made to absorb shock and help prevent injuries from leash pulls/jerks, making your walks, runs, hikes, and training sessions safer and more comfortable for both you and your dog.

Since everyone has their own preferences in leash length, material, and design, this bungee attachment was purposely made to be compatible with any leash (even long lines!) so that you don't have to give up your favorite leash for a bungee one!


Every feature on this bungee attachment was designed with your dogs safety in mind:

  • Heavy-duty bungee cord: not made with an elastic band like many other bungee leashes! I wanted to make sure that this bungee attachment is strong enough for big pullers without quickly losing elasticity and overly stretching like all the bungee leashes I have tried in the past, so this attachment was designed with a real heavy-duty bungee cord!
  • Text patch: does your dog need space away from dogs or kids? Advocate for your dog with personalized velcro text patches with text such as "NEEDS SPACE", "IN TRAINING", "DO NOT PET", and more!
  • Traffic handle: easily grab your dog close when needed, such as when passing others or in emergency situations. The traffic handle is particularly helpful when used with a long line where there is no handle close to your dog!
  • Reflective handle and stitching: for improved nighttime visibility and safety.
  • Heavy-duty screw lock carabiner: have you ever had your dog roll around the grass and somehow unclasp the leash? That is no longer a concern with the screw lock providing extra security!


As a bonus function, the attachment can also be converted to an off-leash handle to easily grab your dog during off-leash adventures! Simply loop the D-ring into the carabiner along with the harness.


This bungee attachment was designed and tested to withstand pulls from dogs weighing 40+ lbs (tested with dogs ranging from 40-100 lbs!). For smaller dogs, stay tuned for our smaller, light-duty version coming soon!

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